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2.2 Objectives of the Diploma Thesis

The following sections on the objectives of the thesis were written already at the beginning of the work, after approximately two weeks, and published in HTML format. They have been kept in their original state in order to serve as a reference for the objectives. 
This part is included in the  HTML format documentation of the diploma thesis as an area containing the original document. Just the headlines have been adapted to the final numbering:   

2.2.1 Ideas for Cricket Applications

On the one hand, CCE's technical equipment is an essential basis for the use of Crickets. Besides the computers (hardware, software, peripherals), this includes technical construction kits from Lego and Fischertechnik. How have the kids been using these elements? Perhaps, some of the parts have only been used rarely or not at all - in this case, it could be interesting to know the reasons why. On the other hand, also the kids themselves should get involved. Each of them has his or her very special fields of interest, at home and at school as well as here at the CCE. Certainly, there are some of them who will love to fiddle about with, program and build up new Cricket applications. What kinds of applications can they imagine? What should the Crickets be able to do, and what do we need to get started? 

2.2.2 Analysis of the Possibilities

All suggestions from the kids will be taken seriously! Just as with my own ideas, it will be figured out whether the kids' suggestions can be carried out at the CCE. Certainly, only a few projects will be feasible within the given time, but further suggestions can of course be recorded for a future implementation. 

2.2.3 Technical Preparations

It is already forseeable that many of the spontaneous ideas for Cricket applications will go beyond the Crickets' abilities at first. Therefore, some research will have to be done on whether and how the Crickets' electrical properties can be extended in order to fulfil the rising requirements. Ideally, the Crickets themselves should not be altered to achieve this, so that they stay in their original state and can be replaced easily and be used in different projects. 

2.2.4 Projects with the Kids at the CCE

In order not to develop 'beside the target group', it is appropriate to work closely together with the kids. Therefore, I will spend at least one afternoon per week as a mentor at the CCE. At first, this will help getting in touch with the kids and learning about their interests and abilities. Later on, we can work together to check whether the projects are suitable for the kids and improve them, if necessary. 
<<  Project Schedule 
Technical Requirements  >> 
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